Reimage Refund Policy

We have discontinued new sales of the Reimage product, but we will continue to support existing licenses through the term of the subscription, and we will continue to honor our 60-day refund policy as follows.

Full 60 Days
Money Back
We Are 100%
To You
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Reimage provides a 100% money back guarantee if, at any time during the first 60 days after purchasing the Reimage product, you are not satisfied with the product or are unwilling to continue conducting business with Reimage.

In order to obtain a refund, you must "undo" the repairs provided by the Reimage program. This can be done by going to the Add/Remove programs and choosing Reimage Repair. From there you can choose to:

  • Remove Reimage application
  • Revert changes
  • Revert and remove Reimage

To receive a refund, chose “Revert changes” or “Revert and remove Reimage” Additionally, after you have Finished using the uninstall wizard you must request a refund from Reimage via our support page, under the Billing and invoices section.

During the course of the refund request, you must maintain contact with Reimage and comply with Reimage's requests to remove the Reimage product from your computer, if you have not already done so using the uninstall wizard. This includes removing software and files from your machine and other steps that will remove the Reimage product from your machine and return your desktop, laptop or other Reimage supported machine to its former state.
The 60 day refund period begins from the Date of Purchase of Reimage, regardless of when or if the product is installed or used.

In the event that you cannot perform the undo function for any reason, Reimage will address the issue on a case by case basis.

If a purchase was made on an unsupported machine and/or a repair has not taken place during any time period, Reimage will address the issue on a case by case basis, and may provide a refund after the 60 day refund period.